Expanding Self-Advocacy

The Partnership: Through a grant from the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities (GCDD), Sangha Unity Network (SUN) aims to promote, create and sustain an advocacy movement in the State of Georgia for individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities. SUN invites self-advocates and allies from across Georgia to assist in the development of self-advocacy networks in four areas across the state.  Each area network will support local projects and initiatives and will lay the groundwork for a robust and sustainable statewide network in Georgia. In 2018 their self-advocacy workshops were held in Carterville, Tifton, Statesboro, Athens, as well as four region specific web-based workshops. Future self-advocacy network gathering dates will listed on GCDD’s event calendar.

Statesboro Self Advocacy SessionStatesboro Self Advocacy Session
Power of Self AdvocacyLearning the Power of Self Advocacy
Cartersville Self Advocacy SessionCartersville Self Advocacy Session/>

Our Partner: Sangha Unity Network (SUN) provides supports for individuals, community providers, businesses and service systems to discover, create, revise, promote and mobilize their community building work. 

SUN offers workshops and retreats that teach individuals and groups how to build sustainable and reciprocal community-centered change using person-centered perspectives and approaches. SUN helps create space for new ideas and opportunities to develop and grow.Sangha Unity Network logo

SUN provides capacity building services/supports in four key areas that, at their core, will empower individuals by fostering growth of social networks. These areas include:

  • Organizational development and growth
  • Resource development/advocacy
  • Program development
  • Partnering with people to design and develop individual supports and opportunities for contribution

Visit SUN online at their website.