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Explore Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities' (GCDD) webside for its quarterly magazine, Making a Difference, that focuses on developmental disabilities!

GCDD uses Making a Difference to advocate and educate about critical issues affecting people with developmental disabilities and to promote activities and create opportunities for people with developmental disabilities to exercise their right to live, learn, work, play and worship in Georgia communities. 

The interactive website features easy navigation with articles of interest by topic; and a dedicated page for the current issue that displays all the great articles, podcasts, videos and more.

And, with accessibility always at top of mind, the website is designed to be accessible to all who use assistive technology. The magazine is available in PDF and accesseble audio. Articles are written in both English and Spanish.

Making a Difference Magazine logoExperience the magazine in many ways! 

Read. The articles that tell the story of the people we serve are there for your reading pleasure. All the articles are available under the Current Issue tab on the website. 

En Español: Marcando la Diferencia está disponible en español. Lea los artículos en nuestro sitio web.

Listen. With our commitment to accessibility, each article has its own audio track for you to follow along with the story. Accessible audio is available on the sidebar of each article, and the entire playlist is on Spotify. And our PinPoint podcast is also included and can be found on SpotifyApple, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Watch. The magazine features video stories that allow you to meet the people behind the story.

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About the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities: The mission of GCDD is to advance social change, public policy and innovative practices that increase opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families to thrive where they live, learn, work, play and worship in Georgia’s communities.