GCDD Meetings

The members of the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities (GCDD) meet quarterly to learn what is happening in Georgia and around the nation for people with developmental disabilities and their families. During these meetings, members spend time discussing best or promising practices, hearing from projects funded by GCDD, and conducting business to be an effective and efficient organization.

2024 Quarterly Council Meetings 

July 11 & 12, 2024 Council Meeting 
Location: Virtual

GCDD conducts most of its work as a "committee of the whole" meaning that decisions and recommendations are brought before the full Council membership for research, discussion and consensus decision making by the membership. The role of a committee structure is to facilitate and support this decision making process by conducting research, providing information and making recommendations about the direction that the organization might take concerning an issue.

GCDD has an Executive Team that is responsible for developing governance policies and activities to support the membership, providing oversight of Council operations and policy and working in support of, or occasionally in place of, the full board. The Executive Team is also responsible for ongoing review and recommendations to enhance the quality of the members and for developing rules for members’ conduct. Finally, the Executive Team is responsible for assisting GCDD in ensuring the organization is in good fiscal health and in compliance with State and Federal financial rules and regulations.

The full Council, a committee or staff can recommend that the Council establish a team. This is a time limited and objective-specific committee created to help GCDD accomplish its work. This might include examining issues of potential GCDD involvement, monitoring GCDD supported projects for performance, or determining how GCDD will expend funds for a potential project. The full Council must approve the establishment of a team. In the case of emerging issues, the Executive Board may establish an team, but it must be approved at the next meeting of the full Council.

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

View past agendas and minutes from Council Quarterly Meetings and Committee Meetings.