New Neighbors Network header with photo of older asian woman wiht child in wheelchair

Who We Are: New Neighbors Network in Comer, GA is a developing organization of refugees, immigrants, and American citizens who seek to foster community, build strong families, and contribute positively to our neighborhoods.

What We Do: As we walk with our refugee neighbors through complex processes of American life so they may gain more confidence, feel comfortable in American society, and have access to more opportunities. We provide services, resources, and programs to educate, empower, and encourage one another. Our hope is to cultivate each person’s gifts and strengths so all may flourish in their new homeland.

In the Fall of 2019, New Neighbors Network shared at a Welcoming Communities Dialogue our vision for a gathering space where the “powerless and invisible” people in Comer can come together and be community for each other. A year later this dream came true with a purchased building we named “The Perch,” a gathering space for all to be included, connected, and valued.

We will have a positive impact on marginalized people because we are including them in the development of The Perch from the beginning. We are setting an example of inclusivity by including marginalized people in decision making from the beginning so they may have a true sense of ownership and belonging.

Our goal at The Perch is to develop a gathering space and spirit for those who have historically been excluded and sidelined in our community – Black people, Asian refugees, people with disabilities, undocumented immigrants, LGBTQ people, and others. The Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities' Welcoming Community Movement can help us with activities that lay the foundational groundwork for The Perch. These events will come together and gather energy at our grand opening in the Spring 2021.

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