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Final ConnectAbility Logo FullcolorWho We Are: ConnectAbility is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization in Dahlonega, Georgia with the mission of creating communities where people of all abilities are valued, included and empowered. We seek to create an inclusive atmosphere for people of all abilities and from diverse backgrounds at every event, and build that atmosphere into every program we put forward.

We offer monthly Sidekicks respite programs in addition to Parent Groups and Sibling Workshops. Our Thousand Words Photography Project unites teams of photographers, amateur to professional, of all abilities, to work together to create images based on a theme that changes annually. The images are auctioned off every year at our annual gala. Our Race for a Reason program utilizes racing wheelchairs to bring together teams of individuals of all abilities under the common interest of running. Each year, every team competes in five local races. These programs are excellent for bringing people together and creating lasting connections in our community.

Getting together with old friends
Getting together with old friends
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Thanksgiving Feast
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Meet Your Neighbor story collection

What We Do: We are a part of the Welcoming Community Movement with the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities. Our project is called “Meet Your Neighbor,” and we are bringing together college students from the University of North Georgia and individuals with developmental disabilities to collect stories from people in our community. We have a project coordinator working with the teams to help them set up interviews with members of the community, and are intentionally seeking out people from different walks of life in our community. This will enable sharing the gifts and talents of people who may not have otherwise crossed paths.

We hope to identify gifts and common threads in our community while also demonstrating the abilities we all have. We believe that getting to know one another is the best way to create a more welcoming and inclusive community, and this project is facilitating just that. By pairing college students with individuals with developmental disabilities, we have created partnerships that are mutually beneficial and will help each individual grow as they achieve goals together.

The Meet Your Neighbor project aligns with our mission statement as an organization, and we hope that by getting to know others in our community, it will become a more inclusive place to live. Acknowledging all of our different talents and gifts will give us a platform to bring people together and make new and lasting friendships.

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