Abilities Discovered header with a variety of diverse people smiling at the camera

Abilities Discovered logoWho We Are: Abilities Discovered, Inc. (ADI) is a responsible and respectable organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities through employment and personal support. Abilities Discovered, Inc. is a private non-profit United Way agency founded in 1987 that serves the Middle Georgia area and is located in Warner Robins, GA. Those associated with Abilities Discovered, Inc. share a belief that persons with disabilities should’t be segregated and should live, work, and laugh alongside all of us. Abilities Discovered, Inc goal is helping people help themselves, one person at a time.

What We Do: People who seek support from Abilities Discovered, Inc. explore their wants to desires and needs as well as options that were once unknown. Safety and health are always a priority. Individuals goals might include: making new friends, finding a job, furthering one’s education, living on your own, having a spouse, traveling, being in a choir, learning to drive, learning to act, learning to paint, learning to use a computer, or helping other people. Everyone’s dreams are unique and (Abilities Discovered, Inc.) strives to make each person’s come true.

Abilities Discovered believes that sharing time and space with people in order to find commonalities and to share ideas about how to make their neighborhood a more welcoming place for all people is vital. The community issues include transportation, lack of affordable housing, homelessness, as well as how religious groups relate to people with disabilities, those with socio-economic differences and people with varying lifestyles.

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