GCDD Announces Grantee Awards


(January 24, 2022-Atlanta, Ga)-The Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities (GCDD) selected nine new grantees in January. Every year, GCDD’s Council members award grant funding for projects that it has throughout Georgia and makes funds available to fulfill its mission in accordance with the Developmental Disabilities Act and its Five-Year Strategic Plan https://gcdd.org/about/new-five-year-strategic-plan-2022-2026.html.

Through its grant making, GCDD partners with public, private, and nonprofit entities to improve the lives of people with developmental disabilities and their families. The purpose of GCDD’s grants are to expand best practices and contribute to system-wide changes that support the rights of people with developmental disabilities and their full inclusion as community members. Recipients of GCDD grants are expected to be ongoing partners bringing about change.

The nine organizations that were awarded grants in this first round of funding are Sangha Unity Network, Georgia State University/Center for Leadership in Disability, the University of Georgia (UGA) Research Foundation, Georgians for a Healthy Future, Georgia Options, Claritas Creative, LLC, and Crimminz Associates. Claritas Creative, LLC was awarded two grants and the UGA Research Foundation was awarded three grants. Grant initiatives funded in this grant cycle included marketing and communications, data and policy research, education, coalition development, and self-advocacy. GCDD’s programs and grants management team assists grantees in ensuring the success of their projects while also overseeing project performance, administration, and compliance.

“We are excited about our grantees and the opportunity to work with our partners to fulfill GCDD’s mission and five-year strategic plan, which is ultimately to improve the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities,” said Lisa Eaves, GCDD’s Operations and Contracts Director.

There are four types of grants in GCDD’s grants program: Competitive grants (21), Sole Source/Non-Competitive Grants (5), Partnership grants (9), and Mini grants (20), totaling about 55 grants to be awarded this year. The next round of grants that applicants can apply for will be announced in February. For more information, visit www.gcdd.org.

The Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities (GCDD) has officially announced the grantees for their recent Notice of Funds Available (NoFA):

(22ADM4) IPSE Allocation Formula Consultant)
Crimminz Associates

(22PR1) MAD Magazine, Annual Report, Email Communications
Claritas Creative, LLC

(22SA1) Advocates for Change Training by Self Advocates
Sangha Unity Network

(22SA3) Support New Leaders- Representation for All
Georgia State University/CLD

(22SC1) Data and Policy Research Grants
UGA Research Foundation
& Georgians for a Healthy Future

(22SC6) DSP Innovation Fund
UGA Research Foundation &
Georgia Options

(22SC8) Family Advocates Coalition
Claritas Creative, LLC

(22SC9) End 14C Coalition Subminimum Wage
UGA Research Foundation