Call for GCDD Council Members

The Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities (GCDD) is currently recruiting individuals with developmental disabilities and family members who are interested in becoming members of the GCDD. There are two membership categories: (1) Members appointed by the Governor are considered the "official members" and can serve two terms of four years each, and (2) advisory members selected by Council members, have no voting rights, and serve one two-year term. GCDD is currently recruiting for both categories of membership.

The purpose of the GCDD is to engage in advocacy, capacity building, and systemic change activities that are consistent with the purpose of Public Law 106.402 and Section 30-8-1 of Code of Georgia. These activities shall contribute to a coordinated, consumer and family centered and directed comprehensive system of community services, individualized supports, and other forms of assistance that enable individuals with developmental disabilities to exercise self-determination and be independent, productive, and integrated into all facets of community life The mission of the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities is to bring about social and policy changes that promote opportunities for persons with developmental disabilities and their families to live, learn, work, play and worship in Georgia communities.

GCDD members serve as the link between people with developmental disabilities, their families and the organization. Members represent un-conflicted loyalty to the interests of people with developmental disabilities and their families. Members are committed to ethical, businesslike, and lawful conduct including proper use of authority and appropriate decorum when acting as a member and will abide by laws concerning sexual discrimination, harassment, and equal opportunity. Members are expected to take an active part in the programs of the Council and to follow the designated policies and procedures of the organization. They should become thoroughly acquainted with the issues related to Georgian's with developmental disabilities and the way in which GCDD is organized to address those issues.

Members are expected to attend each quarterly meeting of the full Council and to serve on any established committees. Full Council meetings are used to set policies, based on the vote of a majority of members present. Recognizing the diversity of the Council membership, it is understood that unanimity will not be possible on all decisions of the Council. Council members are urged to be advocates at all times for people with developmental disabilities and their families. They should represent the policies and procedures of the Council when appearing in public as representatives of the Council. When presenting views and opinions contrary to the Council policies, or for which the Council has no official opinion, members should make clear that such views are expressions of personal opinion.

Applications for membership should be returned to Eric Jacobson by August 15, 2014 either by e-mail at or by USPS mail at: 

Eric Jacobson
2 Peachtree Street, Suite 26.240
Atlanta, GA 30303

Application: GCDD Council Member Application

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