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The main objective of our public policy efforts is based on promoting policies that make sense for the public we serve and allows the integration between people with developmental disabilities, the people who support them and the community as a whole. The GCDD’s resources, vision, values, goals and mission create the solid platform that continues to influence the direction of public policy at state and federal levels. This is a platform that fosters change in service provision, reflects the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities, and promotes public awareness of those needs.

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HB 347: Relating to employment security, so as to change certain provisions relating to unemployment compensation; to change the amount of taxable wages, certain provisions relating to the State-wide Reserve Ratio, to change certain provisions relating to determination of the weekly benefit amount. Sponsors: Hembree, 67; Meadows, 5; Lindsey, 54; Maxwell, 17; Murphy, 120; Heard, 114. Status: House Conference Committee Report Adopted.

HB 386: Relating to revenue and taxation, agriculture, the General Assembly, insurance, local government, public utilities, and state government, to provide for comprehensive revision of the revenue structure of the State of GA. Sponsors: Channell, 116; O’Neal, 146; Jones, 46; Peake, 137. Status: Senate Passed/Adopted.

HB 713:  Relating to the "Quality Basic Education Act," so as to delay implementation of some career and college readiness initiatives until the 2013-2014 school year; to require career education in grades k-12; to change the mandated assessment for postsecondary readiness to the end of 11th grade. Sponsors: Nix, 69; Coleman, 97; Davis, 109; Kaiser, 59; Carter, 175; Casas, 103. Status: ED&Y; House Agrees Senate Amendment.

HB 741: To amend an Act providing appropriations for the State Fiscal Year beginning July 1, 2011, and ending June 30, 2012.   Sponsors: Ralston, 7; Jones, 46; O’Neal, 146; England, 108. Status: House Date Signed by Governor.

HB 742: To make and provide appropriations for State Fiscal year beginning July 1, 2012, and ending June 30, 2013. Sponsors: Ralston, 7; Jones, 46; O’Neal, 146; England, 108. Status: App, Senate Passed /Adopted.

HB 745: To require the Department of Public Health to study whether pulse oximetry screening should be a standard test for newborns for detection of congenital heart defects. Sponsors: Welch, 110; Ramsey, 72; Cooper, 41; Manning, 32; Watson, 163. Status: H&HS, Senate Passed/Adopted.

HB 861: Relating to law enforcement officers, so as to require law enforcement agencies to report drug related arrests to DHS; relating to general provisions for public assistance, so as to require drug   testing for applicants and recipients of state administered TANF benefits. Sponsors: Harden, 28; Ramsey, 72; Allison, 8; Dempsey, 13; McBrayer, 153; Dutton, 166. Status: HHS; House agrees Senate Amendment or Sub.

HB 954:Relating to abortion, to change certain provisions relating to criminal abortion; to change certain provisions relating to when abortion is legal; to require a determination of gestational age prior to abortion. Sponsors: McKillip, 115; Collins, 27; England, 108;   Hamilton, 23; Sheldon, 105; Peake, 137. Status: Senate Conference Committee Report Adopted.

HB 1110: To revise provisions relating to penalties relative to the owning or operating of unlicensed personal care homes; to authorize the DCH to provide for additional criminal offenses for background checks for owners and employees. Sponsors: Cooper, 41; Benton, 31; Yates,73; Howard, 121; Lindsey, 54. Status: HHS; Senate Passed/Adopted.

HB 1146: To create the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Services Board; and other matters. Sponsors: McCall, 30; Carter, 175; Hatchett, 143; Collins, 27. Status: HHS; Senate Passed/Adopted.

HB 1166: To provide for individual health insurance coverage to children through child-only health policies; to establish a mandatory, uniform open enrollment period; to provide for guaranteed issue coverage regardless of health status; to provide for special enrollment periods for loss of coverage because of a qualifying event; Sponsors: Atwood, 179; Smith, 131; Meadows, 5; Maxwell, 17; Williams, 113; Dollar, 45. Status: I&L; Senate Passed/Adopted.

HR 1162: To clarify authority of state to establish state-wide education policy; to restate the authority of the General Assembly to establish special schools. Sponsors: Jones, 46; Coleman, 97; Lindsey, 54; Kaiser, 59; Morgan, 39; Hatchett, 143. Status: Ed&Y; Senate Passed/Adopted.

HR 1725: Recognizing the need to raise awareness of Down Syndrome. Sponsors: Nimmer, 178; Houston, 170; Powell, 171; Collins, 27. Status: House Read and Adopted. 


HB 432:  To allow employees to use sick leave for the care of immediate family members. Sponsors: Dempsey, 13; Manning, 32; Smith, 129; McKillip, 115; Sims, 119; Kaiser, 59. Status: IR; House Committee Favorably Reported.

HB 641:
To substantially revise, supersede, and modernize provisions relating to juvenile proceedings. Sponsors: Willard, 49; Lindsey, 54; Abrams, 84; Collins, 27; Oliver, 83. Status: Judy; Senate Read & Referred.    

HB 920:
Relating to the contents and form of the budget report, so as to require certain items to be included in the tax expenditure review. Sponsors: Martin, 47; Abrams, 84; Lindsey, 54; Williamson, 111. Status: B&FAO; House Committee Favorably Reported.

HR 1335:
 To authorize the creation of state charter schools; to authorize State Board of Education to overturn a decision by a local board of education regarding approval or denial of a local charter school. Sponsors: Holcomb, 82; Frazier,123; Ashe,56; Hugley, 133; Parent, 81. Status: Ed; House Second Readers.

HR 1722:  
Creating the House Study Committee on Alternative Living Services Reimbursement Rates. Sponsor: Stephens, 164. Status: HR&A; House Committee Favorably Reported. 


SB 410:  Relating to accountability assessment for K-12 education, to provide for annual indicators of quality of learning by students, financial efficiency, and school climate for individual schools and for school systems. Sponsors: Williams,19;Mullis, 53; Rogers, 21; Jeffares, 17; Heath, 31. Status: Ed; Senate agrees House Amend or Sub.  

SB 489:  
Relating to emergency medical services, to require the Georgia Trauma Care Network Commission to report annually to the House and Senate Committees on HHS documenting certain outcomes and verifying certain expenditures. Sponsors: Mullis, 53; Unterman, 45; Albers,56; Rogers, 21; Gooch, 51; Wilkinson, 50. Status: H&HS; House Passed/Adopted.  

SR 646:  
To ensure the necessary conditions for expanded high-quality digital learning opportunities for the students of this state. Sponsor: Rogers, 21. Status: Ed&Y; Senate Passed/Adopted.

SR 979:
Creating Senate Aging Study Committee. Sponsor: Unterman, 45. Status: HHS; Senate Passed/Adopted.


SB 292: To enact the "Social Responsibility and Accountability Act;” to provide that the DHS shall create an established drug test to be administered to each applicant for TANF benefits. Sponsors: Albers, 56; Rogers, 21; Gooch, 51; Shafer, 48; Carter, 1; Lignon, Jr., 3. Status: Judy: House Committee Favorably reported.

SB 312: Relating to public assistance, so as to require applicants for food stamps to engage in personal growth activities; Sponsors: Lignon, 3; Albers, 56; Carter, 1; Williams, 19. Status: Judy; House Committee Favorably reported.

SB 373: Relating to certificates of public necessity and convenience and medallions for vehicles for hire, to provide for authority to operate vehicles for hire equipped to transport passengers in wheelchairs throughout the state. Sponsors: Mullis, 53; Jackson, 24; Unterman, 45; Hill, 32; Stoner, 6. Status: Trans; House Committee Favorably Reported.  

SB 438: Relating to state employees' health insurance plan, to provide that no health insurance plan for employees of the state shall offer coverage for abortion services. Sponsors: Crane, 28; Rogers, 21; Shafer, 48; Williams, 19; Lignon, Jr., 3; McKoon, 29. Status: Ins; Engrossed upon third reading in Senate.  

SB 443: To provide that a defendant must be found to be mentally retarded by a preponderance of the evidence to be found guilty but mentally retarded. Sponsors: Fort, 39; Orrock, 36; Jones, 10; Davenport, 44; Butler, 55. Status: Judy; Senate Read and Referred.

SB 455: Relating to unfair or deceptive practices in consumer transactions unlawful, to authorize licensed personal care homes and community living arrangements to use certain terms. Sponsors: Goggans, 7; Hill, 4; Williams, 19; Golden, 8; Orrock, 36. Status: HHS; Senate Read and Referred.

SB 460: Relating to insurance, so as to provide a religious exception for the requirement that every health benefit policy in this state provide coverage for contraceptives. Sponsors: McKoon, 29; Shafer, 48; Lignon, Jr., 3; Hill, 32. Status: Ins; House Second   Readers.  

SB 469: Relating to labor organizations and labor relations, to provide that certain provisions prohibiting mass picketing shall apply to certain private residences; provide for an action to enjoin unlawful mass picketing. Sponsors: Balfour, 9; Hamrick, 30; Cowsert, 46; Tolleson, 20. Status: IndR; House Second Readers.

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